israel trek 2009

Jeruaalem at sunset from the Mt. of Olives

Take a Trek Into the Biblical Landscape.

Picture of the central mountains of Israel

When I traveled to Israel for the first time I did not expect it to impact me as much as it did. It transformed and deepened my faith in ways that years of study and research didn't. It opened my eyes to a new way of seeing Scripture. This is because much of the Bible is saturated with references to the geography and the flora of the land. When you see it and touch it for yourself, you will gain a perspective that the early Christian leader Cyril of Jerusalem called "the fifth gospel." The Bible will make sense in a way that never did for you before.

I would like you to discover for yourself how a journey through the land of Israel can deepen your faith and understanding. Will join me on trek to Israel during the summer of 2009?

This Trip Will Be Different

Most tours to Israel shuffle you from one Church shrine to another. By the second or third day you can not keep them straight. You may have a camera full of postcard pictures, but you never had an opportunity to consider how what you are seeing might deepen your understanding of God and his Word.

Did you know there are far more authentic Bible sites than the crowded church shrines and souvenir shops? Did you know that many of them are never visited by most tour groups? Did you know that it is possible to focus on authentic Bible sites, Bible history and Bible geography and to link them so that Scripture comes alive and makes sense? If you want to discoover how how this could be, I invite you to join me on a trek to Israel during the summmer of 2009. We will visit a few churches, but we will always put them in context. And we will see some places that will teach you more about Scripture than the most popular pilgrimage sites ever could.

When Do We Leave?

We depart June 29, 2009 on a trek of a lifetime to the land of Israel. We will arrive on the afternoon of the 3oth, and after a light evening in Tel Aviv, our journey will begin in earnest on July 1st. We will explore the land and what it has to teach us for eleven full days with an opportunity to extend the trip to Greece for three more.

What Are the Details?

You will find all the details about our Trek to Israel through the links to your right including detailed itineraries, costs, and how to reserve your place on our journey of a lifetime. Adventure Travel of Las Cruces, New Mexico is our professional travel agency. I have chosen them because of their expertise and fantastic service.

Who Is Our Host and Primary Guide?

My name is Timothy Smith. I am the pastor of Sonoma Springs Presbyterian Church, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In addition to holding a graduate degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, I have several hours of post graduate study at Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, Israel in the historical geography and ancient material culture of Israel. I have traveled throughout Israel both on my own and with tour groups. Prior to coming to Las Cruces in 1999, I was a member of the faculty at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania for ten years. I taught primarily New Testament Greek and Exegesis.

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